PYRO is a combination of UGC (User Generated Content) and Licensed Music. The licensed music requires us to monetise and make payments to the license holders. We do this via a range revenue streams.

PRO DJ Accounts 🙌  🙌

PRO DJ Accounts are aimed at DJs who wish to download music to use in their DJ sets or their offline music collections.

VIP Accounts ✌️

A VIP account is sold through the iOS & Android APPs and allows users to cache (download) music, plus play VIP content.


We place strategic adverts throughout PYRO, always making sure they are relevant and valuable to our users.

Calculating Royalties 💰💰

We have two 'royalty pools', one for downloads, and one for streaming. PRO DJ payments go into the download pool, and VIP + Advertising goes into the streaming pool. The pools are then used to make payments to the license holders.

Download Pool

Download Revenue * (Track Downloads / Total number of downloads) * 50% PYRO Fee = Royalty Payment to license holder.

Streaming Pool

Streaming Revenue * (Track Streams / Total number of streams) * 50% PYRO Fee = Royalty Payment to license holder.

Future Monetisation Ideas & Plans 🔮

We plan to add a number of features to help more artists generate revenue from their music.

UGC Monetisation

By implementing a fingerprinting tool, we can determine if a track is really yours. Then, utilising a similar strategy to our licensed content, you can opt to 'monetise' your upload and join in the royalty payments.

Digital Gifts 🎁

We plan to enable a feature where users can give Digital Gifts to mixes, tracks and direct to DJs.

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